Iron Membership


Our Iron membership provides unlimited classes, access to Mayhem Class programming through SugarWOD, and access to open gym. You are also more than welcome to join our FREE Community Sunday classes! 

Crossfit Rowing Machines
Rope Climbing



Our Fire membership provides unlimited classes, eight 1 on 1 personal training sessions per month, access to Mayhem Class programming through SugarWOD, access to open gym and 24/7 access.  



Our additional workout tracks are a great way to mix up, complement, and give you the extra programming you need to hit your goals this year! Below are the extra "tracks" (workout programs) we offer:

  • Mayhem Aerobic Capacity

  • Mayhem Body Armor

  • Mayhem Strength 

  • Iron & Fire Bootcamp 

*For additional information on what these tracks entail, please feel free to message us for more details! 

Intense Workout