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About Foundations 

The course is intended to bring new members, or anyone new to CrossFit, up to speed on the philosophy behind the CrossFit training methodology. It will shed light on our nutritional strategies, CrossFit Fox Valley's structure, and introduce the framework of the foundational movements of CrossFit.

The Foundations Course consists of four individualized sessions. Upon completion of the course that individual(s) will be invited to participate in group classes and receive unlimited classes for the remaining part of that 28 day membership.

Sample Session 

Introduction to CrossFit Fox Valley, IronForge Fitness & Foundations Course (15 minutes)

  • Intro:  Goal is to educate members on the movements, technique, class format, philosophy, and nutrition behind our program.  Our goal is to prepare the members so they are up to speed and feel comfortable attending regular group classes.

  • Format for Foundations:  Warm-up, learn from the movements, do a work out, answer questions, listen to some info about the CFFV Program, and have fun.

  • What to expect:  you will learn the basic movements of CrossFit - enough to seamlessly enter the group classes.  You will learn the philosophy of why we train, eat the way we do, and have all your questions about CrossFit and CFFV answered.

  • Misc.:  After this course you will be invited to join the regular class, or encouraged to sharpen your skills with a few PT sessions, or retake the Foundations Course.

Movement/Technique (20 mins)

  • Air Squat

  • Front Squat

  • Deadlift

WOD (15 min)

    AMRAP 7 of:
   7 Front Squats
   7 Pull ups
   7 Burpees

Discussion (10 min):  Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity (MCI) & Rhabdo

  • Mechanics - form and technique.  Being able to execute the P.O.P. (Points of Performance)

  • Consistency - ability to do the P.O.P. rep after rep, not only when the coach is watching, but without a coach’s eye.  Showing up consistently, 4-6x/week.

  • Intensity - Only if the above two are in place does intensity become important.  Intensity is the shortcut to results, but without mechanics and consistency doesn’t work.

  • Technique Tree - if we focus techniques our fitness will go up, but if we decide to push the intensity too early you will get pushed out on a branch.  Branches grow out, not up - you aren’t getting fitter.  And try as you might, you will stay at that plateau.  What you need to do is lower your weight or slow down (e.g. lower the intensity) to work on mechanics.  Then you can ramp it up again.

  • Just like all other aspects of life that require speed and precision, we want the appropriate blend of both.  Playing the violin, typing, shooting, and surgery all require precision and speed.  Finding the right blend of both is called threshold training.  That is what we are after in CrossFit.  M-C-I.

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